World's Largest Tanzanite Crystal

Tanzanite Cushion Cut Tanzanite - World's Largest Tanzanite Crystal Found 8/6/05

(Story excerpted from the news feed.)

Largest Tanzanite - Tanzanite One Limited said the precious (tanzanite) stone was found 270 meters (885 feet) underground at a mine in Mirelani in Tanzania's northern Manyara region near Mount Kilimanjaro and measured 220 by 80 by 70 millimeters (8.6 by 3 by 2.7 inches).

"According to all known records, the tanzanite piece is so far the world's largest," Ian Harebottle, the company's chief told AFP, adding that the stone had been named Mawenzi after the second highest peak on Mount Kilimanjaro.

"No value has been placed yet on Mawenzi, because that needs thorough analysis by experts," he said.

Tanzanite, a blue shimmering stone is found only in northern Tanzania.

Epilogue: This tanzanite crystal weighs 16,389 carats which is 3.2778 kilograms, which is 7.21116 pounds! Tentative plans for this large peice of tanzanite rough include cutting it into several highly prized gems with the largest possibly being named after Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa, who has made many contributions to his country's economy. One can only imagine what it would be like to find a piece of tanzanite rough the size of a brick!!! Yes...the size of a brick!


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